April 02, 2004

A big newsday for Sun

I usually work from home with the Sun VPN over DSL. Last month I switched DSL provider from France Telecom, the former state monopoly who took too long to lower their prices, to Free, the incumbent, offering super bandwidth at a lower cost.

Only problem is that since yesterday I don't have any connectivity at home anymore: so today I worked in a Sun office. I overheard a colleague calling one guy and explaining: Sun is going to do some layoffs, settle with Microsoft, and name Jonathan Schwartz COO.
I thought he was doing an april fool's joke to the guy, then checked the news and here it was: Bad News, Good News at Sun and Sun rises on Microsoft settlement.

I'm sad about the layoffs: it's always bad for morale. But I'm glad about the settlement news. I'm not sure what to think of all this yet.

I'm going to the US, in Santa Clara next sunday for 2 weeks: I'll see what the atmosphere is.

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