March 26, 2004

Reposting: Blogging mailing lists: an idea about the implementation

Reposting and old entry in order to be able to link to it, because my Radio weblog is going down in a month and I haven't had time to migrate the data yet.

Blogging Mailing Lists. I wish there were better tools for blogging mailing lists, so that these two types of conversations could cross over more often. [Meerkat: An Open Wire Service]

Excellent idea.

I think userland has that feature, send a mail to your blog, but what would be truly valuable would be to link automatically to the archived web version of the mail, in its thread context.

In order to do this we would need 2 things:

a standard WSDL for web archive of mailing list searching, something like MailArchiveSearch.wsdl:

  • It could allow different modes of searching: date + author, or full text
  • it returns the url of the mail in the archive

An index somewhere, that could be decentralized using RSS, that would include the following informations:

  • mailing list name: the key for lookup
  • mailing list archive web site
  • url of the entry point for the service that implements MailArchiveSearch.wsdl for that site (it could be implemented at a remote site, for example one that would aggregate search for different archives. a Google front end could do most of the archives I guess)

Then when you forward the mail you are interested in, with your comments, to your favorite blogging tool, it would:

  • extract the mailing list name
  • lookup the mailing list search service, using an RSS aggregator like Merkaat
  • invoke the search service
  • if something is found, add a permalink to your post, to the archived email
  • else, if no search service is found or if the mail is not found, just add your blog entry as is

I may have a stab at implementing this for Radio, with the jakarta mailing lists, and maybe Google API... if I can free up some time for a personal project :-)

...Obviously I did not have much amount of free time in the past 2 years :-) Posted by chanezon at March 26, 2004 05:54 PM | TrackBack
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