March 09, 2004

Enriching Amazon RSS feeds with AllConsuming metadata: take 2

In yesterday's entry I created a stylesheet to enrich Amazon RSS feeds with AllConsuming metadata, but could not give you a url to test the feed because Amazon xslt service doesn't let you fetch external urls.
I used an ant local build file to generate the feed on my machine.

Today I've tested it using W3C's excellent XSLT Service.
It's not to be used heavily but it's OK for a few tests.

The xml data is a REST query to Amazon API for the latest books in the Literature & Fiction category.
This is the same query that is used in the corresponding Amazon RSS feed.
Amazon Literature & Fiction XML Data

Instead of feeding it the Amazon xslt stylesheet I feed it my modified stylesheet.

The full url to use for the xslt service is:
Amazon Literature & Fiction RSS feed with added AllConsuming metadata

I tested it in NetNewsWire and it works fine, but not all the time: the stylesheet is very greedy in server resources and takes a long time to get interpreted. My first trial gave me a timeout.

The whole promise of standardizing feeds on RSS is to be able to filter these feeds and enrich them using standard tools.
Adding AllConsuming data to the Amazon RSS seems to me like a perfect example of the power of this approach.
Next step is to look at the RSS 1.0 extension modules and determine in which RDF schema these metadata should live: adding them in escaped HTML form to the description element is nice for existing RSS readers, but in the next few months I expect readers to expand their capabilities in the semantic tag interpretation.

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