February 03, 2004

Microsoft using Mac G5 to develop games ?

I would connect today's Merc article Microsoft leaks details on Xbox Next...

Three IBM-designed 64-bit microprocessors. The combined power of these chips means the Xbox Next will have more computing power than most personal computers. Earlier versions of these PowerPC chips are used in Apple Computer's high-end G5 PowerMac machines now.

with the story of that Microsoft contractor who was fired in october for posting pictures of Mac G5 delivered at Microsoft loading docks on his weblog.

The Mercury story says:

Internally, Microsoft has begun developing game prototypes, and it is using G5 systems to do so.

So that was what these G5 delivered in october were used for: developing XBox next generation games.
Will we be able to run them on our macs ?-)

Consequences of this would be good for Apple and Apple users: Mac OS X is a great platform for development, business use, and personal use (iLife apps) but the game library is very small today.
My wife and I both have powerbooks (me the 17'', her the latest 15''), but I was intending to buy a PC, a Tablet PC or an XBox for the kids, for the games. I guess I'm not alone.

From a business point of view, it is one more signal that Intel has some trouble ahead: AMD is making dents in desktop and servers, and now IBM in game consoles.

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