December 23, 2003

Chandler's way

2 very interesting links in the chandler design mailing list about some approaches to make the email client more helpful in managing email overload: IBM Research and
Microsoft Research

No silver bullet against the inherent limits of email, and its problems, well described by Ray Ozzie (read the Gelerntner article he mentions).

If you're doing a critical process in e-mail now, you won't be doing it there for long.

Portals and collaborative applications have a bright future. I look forward to see how Chandler will ease my digital life: the technical foundations they have chosen clearly gives them a great potential.
Right now it seems they are struggling with how to integrate a browser with Chandler: embed it, make a browser plugin, or make Chandler be a local server, a little bit like Radio or Hep.
I think they should look at Adam Bosworth's thoughts about the Web Service Browser [1], [2], [3], [4], [5]: Chandler has the infrastructure (Python, a local database, XML and RDF processing engines) to manage connexionless interaction that lacks in current browsers, and could be a great vehicle to implement Adam's ideas.
And this would be a hot selling argument for Chandler.

Another interesting fact in Chandler's recent evolution: in november OSAF hired Ted Leung to work on the Chandler repository.
It should be an interesting year for Chandler.

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Very informed and interesting comments! Greetings.

David Taylor

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