December 15, 2003

Adios Netscape

Daniel Glazman talked about it a few hours before it happened., and he gives the links to the Washington Post and ZDNet articles about it: AOL laid off 450 California employees, among whom 375 from the old Netscape Mountain View campus.

This time my last friend left there was part of the layoff: I reveived an email from him this weekend.

I used to be his manager when I was still working at Netscape, and looking back at this period of time, processing his green card paperwork was the most useful thing I did during my tenure there. I remember arguing with him that he should consider the paperwork as a more prioritary item than the scripts he was working at then. Today we both have forgotten these scripts, and I doubt that the fact that they were a few hours late makes a difference in AOL's earnings. But I'm sure the green card makes a difference in his reaction to the layoff.

When assessing your long term successes as a manager, all that matters is how you helped people who worked with you grow.

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