December 12, 2003

Microsoft's Robert Scoble points to Sun's Simon Phipps

Microsoft's Robert Scoble points to Sun's Simon Phipps.

Simon Phipps (who works at Sun Microsystems) is showing off Sun's new 3D desktop.

Why am I pointing to this? After all, Simon and Sun is trying to put me out of business. Because I want to be an authority on the operating system industry and to become an authority you must point to ALL stuff, not just that that's friendly.

Heck, Sun's doing some cool work here and it should be paid attention to -- particularly by Longhorn evangelists.

[The Scobleizer Weblog]

I generally like Scoble's weblog and I do believe that tech people should avoid drinking their company's kool aid, and take a hard look at what competitors are doing.
The comments section of this post are a fun read.

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