September 29, 2003

Another VPS


What all this means is that I will be needing more bandwidth and storage space. I have chosen to use ServInt VPS instead of dragging a T1 line to my house and running my own Linux server farm which requires too much money way too early. ServInt has pretty good reputation so I can trust them not to disappoint me and 100GB/month transfer with 2 GB storage for $49/month is very attractive. As traffic and load grows, I can upgrade to ServInt dedicated servers.

If you decide to use ServInt as well, tell them Don sent ya. But then I just signed up so you might want to wait until I have used their service for a while. Life is full of surprises you know. ;-p

[Don Park's Daily Habit]

Don Park's choice of VPS is twice more expensive as Abe Fettig's, but the specs are much better. I think I'll use this one instead. Waiting one more week to see what fellow webloggers chose. It seems everyone's in the market for a VPS these days :-)

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