September 26, 2003

A few classloader related links from my bookmarks, for Thesis weblog

The Thesis guys Looking into classloading

I've read many articles about classloading last year, when messing up with Jasper for our portal Server, but that was before I started weblogging, so I have no entry in my old weblog about that.

Here is an extract of my bookmarks related to classloaders. I hope this helps. I like reading your weblog: I especially like the idea of setting up a team weblog for a thesis.

One thing I would look at as well, because it seemed very promising to me at the time, is Bob McWhirter's Classworld project. Maybe it is not applicable to what you try to do, but the ideas developped there were of great interest to me, after a year trying to sort out the different classloading models for BEA, IBM and Sun ONE application servers.

Here are the rest of the links I pulled from my bookmarks.html. Hope this helps.

VM Spec Loading, Linking, and Initializing

Workarounds for Two Common BEA J2EE Connector Architecture Exceptions

WebLogic Server Application Classloading

Understanding the Manifest

JDC Tech Tips October 31, 2000

Java Security Architecture

Java Security Architecture intro

Dynamic Proxy Classes

WebSphere Application Server classloaders

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Thanks alot, Patrick!
Kind of you :-)

Posted by: dalager at September 29, 2003 09:51 AM

Very interesting article.

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